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Editor’s Introduction:
Migration to a New Publishing Platform

Daren C. Brabham
University of Southern California

It has been a long time coming, but CSSC will finally migrate to the Open Journal System platform in summer 2016. The journal will continue to publish accepted articles in Volume 5 in the legacy format until the migration is complete. The move to Open Journal System was always a part of the vision for CSSC. Until now, everything for this journal has been done manually—authors submit manuscripts as email attachments, then I download the files, log details in a spreadsheet, email reviewers individually to see if they are willing to review, email agreeable reviewers the manuscript, email review reminders, process reviews, write email decisions to authors, receive revised manuscripts, do the review process again, receive final manuscripts, fact-check, proofread, layout, and publish. It is a lot to handle.

Open Journal System will streamline this process tremendously. Now, authors will upload files to a manuscript management system, reviewers will be contacted through the system to upload reviews, and so on. The system will also make indexing journal content for databases much more efficient, and the journal’s visibility should grow in the coming years.

Thanks to the USC Center for Public Relations for funding the first year of the migration to Open Journal System. Thanks also to ad hoc reviewers Katherine R. Fleck and John Remensperger for assisting the editorial board in reviewing manuscripts. The acceptance rate for Volume 4 was 67%.

DAREN C. BRABHAM, PhD, is the founding editor of Case Studies in Strategic Communication and an assistant professor in the Annenberg School for Communication & Journalism at the University of Southern California. Email: brabham[at] Web:

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Published May 5, 2016
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