Volume 5 (2016)

Front Matter
Editor’s Introduction: Migration to a New Publishing Platform
Daren C. Brabham
HTML article 1 | PDF pp. 1-2
A Whale of a Problem: A Strategic Communication Analysis of SeaWorld Entertainment’s Multi-Year Blackfish Crisis
Stefani Duhon, Kelli Ellison & Matthew W. Ragas
HTML article 2 | PDF pp. 3-37
“Maintaining Hope and Inspiration”: Using Social Media to Encourage Internal Stakeholders
Emily S. Kinsky, Kimberly Bruce, Kirk Scarbrough & W. Aaron French
HTML article 3 | PDF pp. 38-67

Special Section Introduction: Breaking the Rules
Natalie T. J. Tindall
HTML article 4 | PDF pp. 68-71
Breaking the Rules | A Corporate Coming Out: Crisis Communication and Engagement with LGBT Publics
Erica Ciszek
HTML article 5 | PDF pp. 72-98
Breaking the Rules | The Brand Behind the Activism: Patagonia’s DamNation Campaign and the Evolution of Corporate Social Responsibility
Derek Moscato
HTML article 6 | PDF pp. 99-116
Breaking the Rules | Exclusive and Aspirational: Teen Retailer Brandy Melville Uses the Country Club Approach to Brand Promotion
Sarah VanSlette & Damion Waymer
HTML article 7 | PDF pp. 117-139
Breaking the Rules | A Cavalier Approach to Public Relations: The Unconventional Image Restoration of LeBron James
Kathleen Stansberry & Jessalynn Strauss
HTML article 8 | PDF pp. 140-158

Book Battles: A Strategic Communication Analysis of Amazon.com’s Dispute with Hachette Book Group and Authors United
Kelsey Dimar, Rachel Ann Kuchar & Matthew W. Ragas
HTML article 9 | PDF 159-190
Protecting the Herd: An Analysis of Public Relations Responses to the 2015 Measles Outbreak Originating at Disneyland and Disney California Adventure Park
Shelley Aylesworth-Spink
HTML article 10 | PDF pp. 191-219

Special Section Introduction: Contemporary Marketing Strategies as Communication Tools for Modern Retailers
Henry W. L. Ho & Timothy P. Brotherton
HTML article 11 | PDF pp. 220-223
Contemporary Marketing Strategies for Modern Retailers | Winter, You Win: Ithaca Convention and Visitors Bureau “Surrenders” to Key West with an Unconventional Campaign that Goes Viral
Arhlene A. Flowers & Yvette Sterbenk
HTML article 12 | PDF pp. 224-234
Contemporary Marketing Strategies for Modern Retailers | Lowe Accra and the Pitch for KFC Ghana
Cara Peters & Jennifer Kontor-Kwateng
HTML article 13 | PDF pp. 235-248
Contemporary Marketing Strategies for Modern Retailers | Is CVS Just ‘Blowing Smoke?’: Evaluating the CVS Decision to Ban Tobacco Products
Cheryl B. Ward, Don P. Roy & Diane R. Edmondson
HTML article 14 | PDF pp. 249-264

A Case Study of Lessons Learned and the Evolution of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s HEADS UP Concussion in Sports Campaign
Kelly Sarmiento, Rosanne Hoffman, Zoe Donnell & Bonny Bloodgood
HTML article 15 | PDF pp. 265-286